Monday, December 06, 2010

Aw my posts disappeared!

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Aw! Was just sitting by, trying to write an article on decluttering your mind, with yoga, for Savvy magazine. Was deleting some blogs which I thought were being misused. And darlings, the entire published articles -- over 2000 articles -- disappeared! So, this blog is now officially, empty.  The irony of that!

Ah, no, I did not do that as an angry yogi on a vengeance trip:) Though the last few blogs does make me seem like I was defintely headed that way!

I guess I am being tested to see if I am attached to what I created.

Mmm, I was (then) distressed: I sweated a bit, when the entire thing went off, saying 2315 blogs deleted when I had chosen only 240!!! 
I am feeling free and light. And if you wait till Wednesday, will restart (I still have that Savvy-declutter- your -mind-article pending, plus some more deadlines:)

So cya soon, when somethings are buried, and some things resurrect -- over all that buried stuff...

Sorry for those who used to like to browse my older blogs... But this one, hopefully, will be more spanking, more easy to read.

 And this one will be less about myself, and more about yoga!!


pv said...

this is horrible.:(

contact blogspot!!

up↑take said...

Hey, I can see some of them on Google Cache. Search for '' on Google and instead of clicking on the links, click on the 'Cached' link below it.

padmavathi said...

Om Namah Shivayah!!
Good Morning Shamim Ji..

I am pne of the thousands of folowers to your blog. I go through it almost everyday. Really depressed to know that old blogs were deleted. Anyways... Hoping the best in coming writings. Many times a feel cahrged with your bloga on Japa and meditation. I am a bit more Hungry on these Heavenly concepts. wishing to see more and more posts from you.

Many times i read your blog and couldn't experience the bliss you were talking about. But in recent times i am enjoying certain sort of enjoyment which can't be expressed in words. Shivohum!! Thanks a lot for the support to Sadhaks.

Best Regards

Sathya said...

I was an avid follower of your blog.... over the last one to two weeks, I was sensing a kind of detachment from you towards blogging and towards us readers... and I was worrying where you were going to stop blogging... yesterday i happened to read your last angry blog and felt very very sad, understood how nonrewarding and painfully frustrating any teaching job can be, especially transformation of humans!! I pray for Grace to descend on you and help you succeed in all your spiritual and material endeavors

Anila said...

Hang on please! There are loads of us 'non-petty' ppl, whom you have never even met,waiting for your blogs :-)

Shameem Akthar said...

thanks all of u:)
am fine. I am blogging. Blogging on yoga is like maintaining a notepad, jottings of what u learn. That is all. Sharing, if somebody wants to peek in:)
So, yes, will be blogging, so hope to see u guys about. Thanks Padmavati... that is nice of u to share. Sathya, will be around. Up take, yes, I know about the cache bit. Google sent me a Help response on that. But seems like too much effort Mann! To republish each article. Some have already disappeared. So its goodbye to those posts. And hello to fresh ones:)

Shameem Akthar said...

As u can see, Anila, am indeed hanging on!! Where else will go, but to yoga, and what else will I talk, but of yoga. And if someone listens, why won't I share? :) Thanks for your note though....