Friday, December 10, 2010

Daily Health Gyan

For my other students who are feeling left out from being featured here (despite some actually being clicked)... Please don't. I am covering all of u by-and-by. Plus, some of the photos are shaky and cloudy (somebody laughing, tickled by that nervous energy? Must be I, who else?)

Radish, I hate. But apparently it lowers, blood pressure,  cholesterol, has low GI, has potassium to balance your electrolytes and nice stuff like that. U only want to watch it if u have thyroid issues, due to its iodine content.. Give me one good radish recipe -- I can think of radish paratha. Otherwise, I rather gulp it up as juice...


Anonymous said...

Shameem why radish would be bad for thyriod issue.I thought iodine is needed for thyriod.

sonia said...

mam i love radish. winters i go crazy over them

i take medicines for hypothyroid. should i stop eating them