Friday, December 10, 2010

Eka hasta bhujasana: my student Anuya executing it

This is Anuya Chauhan, my student, executing the Eka Hasta Bhujasana(One arm elephant trunk pose) .. For me, when I learnt it the first time,  it was so tough, and this girl got it on first attempt!!  Which is why I can never plan on what I teach a particular person. For instance, due to her neck problem, I have not taught her the headstand, yet. The neck also gives her trouble when she does backbends (like the camel), making her slightly tizzy. But does it mean she has to sit out other exciting poses? Clearly not. In fact, amongst all my students she possibly started last in Bandra. Yet, she is the first one to get this pose!  Great Anuya... Hope to see more of that from u:) Plus, of course, I am hoping the neck problem resolves soon enough and u are going to go up in the headstand and all its variations ...

Sun salute with Anuya
Occasionally, I do a sun salute set with her: a breathless pace, but we feel upbeat and never tired at the end of it...  A few students are like that, who love surya namaskar(Sonya too:), and Anuya is one such...  A fast-paced surya namaskar, where each pose is completed and held well, actually makes u feel very centered and calm.. The movement stills and silences a darting mind...

Yes, that is I in the eka hasta bhujasana.  I realise that it would be a more perfect pose if the bent leg is thrown higher up the shoulder.  And the stretched out leg is far higher than it is now. It should practically point up, man!

What u need for this pose?
  • Core strength... I always wondered what that is, but whatever that is, is what u need:)
  • Arm strength, obviously.
  • But the most important muscle that comes into play, the top whaddyacallem thigh muscle.. It goes into a taut lock and u can feel the intensity of that as it lifts the leg up. off the ground..
  • What could help u get into the pose: navkasana or boat pose. A rather sharp V, should help, since the thigh and core come into play here also. The thigh needs to be trained to hold u up..
  • Also, u will find that one side u may not be able to hold up longer ... so many imbalances though u keep cleaning them up... there is no end in sight, on the road towards perfection and harmony!! So the difficulty could mean either a weaker arm or thigh...and if u can identify it, seek to strengthen it... with side crow, maybe.

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