Thursday, December 23, 2010

Daily Health Gyan

What is the difference between boiling and steaming vegetables? I realised I did not quite know the difference too much. I think the difference is in the amount of water,plus the duration on the stove? Anybody else can help me with this?
Why I am wondering is that I read someplace that boiling vegetables destroys the vitamin C (anti-aging, immune strenghtening vitamin) and folic acid (something to do with nerves?) .. and steaming them is a better choice...

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Anonymous said...

My understanding - when steaming, water is not added to the vegetables/food being steamed, instead vegetables are cooked in the vapour/steam produced by the boiling water.So vegetables do not come in contact with the water. In case of boiling, vegetables come in contact with the water and release their nutrients into the water. Thats how we lose them in case of boiling.