Friday, December 24, 2010

Play clan Yoga stuff

I dropped into Play Clan shop, on Hill Road, below Lakme Salon, one day, accidentally. That is the nice thing about Bandra, the sense of serendipitous discoveries which pinch my purse:)
They have an absolutely amazing range of very stylised Buddha pendants (obviously I picked up one of that too -- around about Rs 900 - classic, classy stuff) .  Maybe I saw his lovely face on a needle kit too.. Can't recall now. I visited twice -- first time saw a lot of Yoga featured stuff -- key chain, and cards and bags with Hindu goddesses. This time most of the stuff seems to have disappeared... I spotted a few cards and greedily grabbed them. One of the cards is featured above -- it is a 3-D one, nice. Maybe they should try the more advanced poses instead of these tame poses.
Nice place. Lady at counter said more stuff expected. Have not checked out, since I know I am a yogashopaholic (Oh, found this place Aquamarine -- but more on that later:)
Oh, also felt lady at counter not too helpful, sour almost.  But I bet she does not practice yoga (or may be does power yoga!).

But I will brave her, and visit later, when I feel my credit card has not been abused by me as it seems to be lately, in Bandra!

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Shweta said...

I am in complete agreement with you about the lady at the counter. The place was barely a few days old but she had no inclination to sell.
Aquamarine is nice..Have you been to Curio Cottage on Khar Danda near Fabindia / Neelam Foodland?? Worth a look if you havent. I saw a lovely buddha pendant with a chain there.
Merry Christmas !