Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Yesterday's answer, today's query

ANSWER: Yes, Gnan! I am amazed u recalled that it is viparita karani (and u also recalled scorpion and ujjayi alongside!)  Anila, though both are anti-aging, the death-defying is viparita karani .. One place the shiva shamita also places sirsasana as death-defying ... but overall crown amongst these three powerful poses goes to viparita karani. Possibly because it has less contraindications than the other two.. and one can hold on to it, even a weak practitioner, for far longer -- don't know why... maybe it is less strenuous therefore being the gentlest of the three?

(And Gnan -- about anulom vilom, I have felt that working with a great teacher is so important for your pranayama sadhana. I was lucky that I had Sw Govindanandaji during my sadhana intensive and I had Prahlada during my ATTC training.. and this last March, when I did an entire month pranayama with Prahladaji, I was so convinced that it is his energy that kicked me out of the pranayama blues -- It is a powerful effect to have the mind of a teacher cover you during pranayama -- it can ease your practice... and prod u higher. As far as I am concerned, it is entirely Prahladji's energy which made pranayama at the most difficult count easy. Plus I could do almost the entire one hour in the lotus! So yes, u need a good teacher's grace for pranayama practice.. rest of it is all cosmetic! )

TODAY'S QUERY! Which is the `hot' nostril and which is the `cool' nostril?  The nostrils switch their flow every 90 minutes. This also causes a shift in our own personalities. One nostril makes us cool and logical, while the other makes us emotional and flighty... And if u knew which was flowing, u can change yourself accordingly!


padmavathi said...

Pranam ShameemJi!
Ida - chandra nadi is the cool nadi
Pingala - Surya nadi is the Hot nadi as per my knowledge.

Sugandha said...

The right nostril is the hot nostril and the left one is the cool one.

Anila said...

Considering that Right nostril breathing is called the surya bedhana-I would go with Right nostril hot and left nostril cold.

Anam said...

Pranam Shameem ji
Left, chandra, ida. ganga, cool
Right, surya , pingala, jamuna, hot

So can breathing through chandra nadi cool the jathara agni and reduce hunger? Is this how yogis became fre from hunger and anger?