Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Yesterday's answer, today's query

ANSWER: Yup, so many of u got this right... Right nostril is hot (pingala), and left is cool (ida).  That is the creative and logical part of u... Upward flowing forceful energy is right or hot. Downward flowing, calming energy is ida or left.

When u do practices like alternate nostril breathing, jal neti, sutra neti  u will immediately become aware that of the nostril flow and the predominance of one nostril over other. Though each nostril is said to switch flow (biologically established) every 90 mins, most of us favor one nostril over other depending on our own personality (left-brained orientation favors ida, and right-brained orientation favors pingala). But this can be reversed -- since yoga is about breaking patterns!

How can u increase the flow of either nostril?  There are three/four basic tricks including the yoga danda which is used for this manipulation of nostril flow...

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