Thursday, December 09, 2010

Yesterday's answer, today's question

The question yesterday: What is the mantra whose sound is said to naturally accompany the up-down movement of our breath?

So-ham... Ham so:)
And thanks for answering, all u brave souls.. and yes, even someone answered, u could still do so ... after all the first attempt may not be right, always.

What is the actual meaning of the phrase hatha yoga and what is the context in which it is used these days?

Answer tomorrow!


Swami said...

Actual meaning of Hatha Yoga is mastering the body and mind by regulating the breath,ida and pingala and thereby attaining the spritual goal .But in these days, it is misunderstood as a set of physical postures prescribed for good health.


Shameem Akthar said...

Yipee Sabitha.. Are u a Sivananda student:)

Anila said...

Usually,the process would be to 'google'-but I wont cheat :-)
In my memory- I remember reading that hatha yoga stands for balance.To attain both physical and mental stability.It is a combination of strength and grace, force and control (I'm not sure if its right..I hope no negative marks :-) ) In todays world, atleast here in the US, it is being marketed as the 'workout' kind of yoga.In fact,ppl here seem to interchange it with 'power' yoga-(which i think does not even qualify to be called yoga).