Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Clapping in the headstand

I had earlier posted one of headstand-hand clapping, with the legs straight out. This one involves dropping the legs on either side. Both have their challenges. I am still not happy with this variation, since I believe it should involve a particular type of strength that keeps u high up far longer.. but getting there!

How to work into the pose?
  • Frankly u need to be a bit mad
  • Have no issues about falling -- in this variation, u could even fall on the side, which can be uncomfortable, to understate it:)
  • I believe, interestingly, the pectoral muscles must be strong... To stay up supported suddenly u find u need to involve chest muscles. The gravitational drag is more than in any other pose!
Happy sadhana!

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Anonymous said...

I agree you have to be mad:) it's an absolute pleasure to read your blog