Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Daily health gyan

Strawberry season. I was at Sandwich a& co(has wi fi zone:), flashing my ipad, when I spotted a vendor walking on the street carrying strawberries the size of apples. I had bought a few at the Lemon grass signal yesterday, smaller. The smaller ones are sweeter, though. The big ones -- really tart -- I like them that way. Either way, when in season, an excellent fruit for the huge pile of nutrients it has -- vitamin C (repairing agent and immune booster), a whole lot of vitamin Bs (good for skin and moods), anti-oxidants (keeps you younger:), even Vitamin K (another repairing agent necc for muscle) and finally, can u believe it, omega 3 fatty acids (I did not know these things had fatty acids:) So yes, time to slurp. My husband likes it with cream, a great combination, if u can beat the cream like mousse so u don't over do the calories...

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