Monday, January 31, 2011

Daily health gyan: love handles

Why do middleaged men get a band around their waists (everybody gets it, but u know how it gets projected by the media to which I too belong when I blog -- ageism, the new snob:)
 It is because, according a RD article, due to more of the female hormone estrogen. Yes, u read it right. Both sexes get both the hormones (ardhanareshwar:) but in the middleaged man the female hormone gets to flow more than it used to flow while he was younger. More than  the body can process, so this is what creates that band of fat. Metabolism, metabolism... a good, active life keeps this in peak condition and a lot of things that are not good for us gets burned by this `metabolism' thing (in yoga they call it the body's fire/agni:).
So, now if there is a sluggish metabolism, plus if they drink too much, the liver, involved with getting rid of overflowing hormones, is stumped. It can only do only teh most important things  (of the 500 other enzymatic actions it is required to do). So it ignores what is not an emergency problem for it. Instead, it  gets busy processing the alcohol and neglects the removal of the female hormone, and lo, a love handle. What it does to a middle-aged man's personality and emotions we do not know:)

If you are wondering what this blog is saying:  don't drink too much -- or your hormonal overflow will not be balanced by your liver... and then u get that paunch...

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