Monday, January 31, 2011

Yesterday's answer, today's query

Answer: Breakfast. It must be the most solid meal of the day. Because the gut is at its peak till 2 pm, and able to process the food till then. And since it is long(around 26 ft alone is small intestine, and 32 ft from mouth to anus!), it is good to shovel in the best food by 11 am. After which it goes, taking its time to the small intestine, which is now ready for the  maximum absorption of what you ate.

Of the following, which is the safest pranayama: kapalabhati, bhastrika and bhramari? Again, for all this, you need to know the contraindications of each...

Let's hear it from u (I have hopes for u all, yet:)


Girl With Big Eyes said...

I will go with Brahmari as the others have noticeable effects on BP.

sonia said...

brahmari cos involves only prolonged exhalation whereas the other 2 invlove lot of muscular effort on stomach and lower abdomen muscules