Monday, January 10, 2011

Suptabaddhakonasana-Matsyasana flow

From lying locked angle pose to fish. It is a fantastic challenge.  You lie in the leg locked angle pose and lift hips off the ground so in the final position you are only firmly supported by your neck. This can cause immense wobbling, so the neck muscles must become very strong to hold u in place. And this is done without using your hands to lift up! You must go up just by pushing the sides of your feet (a sliver of muscular effort, so the difficulty starts right there) and pushing  your hips up and off the ground, simultaneously balancing on the neck. To remain with your crown on the floor calls for complete support from the delicate neck. Once balance is reached, hands may be placed as shown, in namaste gesture to display perfect control:)

A really thrilling pose, it needs a lot of practice.

  • The knees must be even more flat towards the floor, and  flared wider than what is being shown.  For this you need hip strength to stay up and defy  gravity.
  • Plus lower back strength to keep hip up. Only when the hips go up, will the knees drop lower.
  • Neck strength required is immense.
  • Balance, balance and balance.
  • Flexibility.
Love it, love it!
Happy sadhana!

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