Monday, January 10, 2011

Yesterday's answer, today's query

Answer: Sarvangasana (to decongest the lungs) and shavasana after that, to make your mind calm.

Query: Why is the fish a counter pose to the shoulderstand?

This should be a question on which u all must expend some thought... Most lazy instructors have no sequence in place, including in your yucky power yoga sessions (that any case is not yoga:). A sequenced yoga class is what makes you feel good. Apart from that feel-good  it means the flow of waste from your body is being thought about. It is like doing massage -- the direction of waste and energy flow has to be manipulated in a good sequence... which explains why I worship the Sivananda school sequence -- there is nothing more compact than that... and perfect... all schools, including world class ones (barring maybe the Mysore school and Ashtanga yoga and Bihar school in theory) bother much about sequence...
so for the original question: why is the fish a counter pose to shoulderstand?


Anila said...

Hi Shameem,

I believe it would be because the shoulder stand stretches the neck and spine while the matsyasana compresses it.


sonia said...

hello mam ,

since there is an extreme pressure on the neck and upper back in shoulder stand ,both get relaxed in the fish pose as it is hanging and loose


feltra (Raman R) said...

Hi Shameem,

Would I be crossing some line if I were to ask you to simply *list* the sequence advised by Sivananda? I try to respond / ask w/o freeloading on your yoga teaching experience, so blast me away if you feel like it :)

As you probably know, I am avid reader of Bihar School books.. Follower too? ... well - getting there!

Thanks & Regards,