Monday, January 10, 2011

Today in class: Today's behenji title goes to...

I have this `system'... where, a badly executed pose earns the student the day's Behenji title. For those of u outside of Mumbai, this may not make sense -- but some words are used as a pejorative here  -- not outright rude, but bordering on that...  U can say Behenji (at least in my lexicon) is that sort of a word: it stands for a Wannabe fashionista who has everything in place except class.

Behenji also, in my mind (what sort of prejudiced yoga teacher am I??)stands for  a woman who is gossipy, boring, bored, and mainly who starts a day bored and ends it bored, and fills up the yawning gap between this sad beginning and end with a lot of negative thinking... Plus she is the sort who does yoga because the rest of the world does yoga and does not relate to it either physically or spiritually. And to teach whom I end up using a lot of energy (and which, as I noted before, tires a lot of yoga instructors as well, I have found out). Having  such a student drains the instructor ... and they are better off doing power yoga because they will keep on repeating the basic errors in the pose each time they do it. They keep making mistakes  because they are mentally not on the mat but even while on it,  their mind is busy bitching about somebody who means nothing to them:) And most power yoga teachers are also .... Yes, Yesss,  u guessed IT ...  behenjis!!!! (What a bitchy yoga teacher I am, maybe am even a behenji myself!)

Any case, I bestow this Behenji title to someone who does a pose shabbily... (I know of sooo many yoga instructors from a particular local institute here -- they have a stranglehold on mediocre yoga here -- and  who execute poses with complete shabbiness as if it were an uniform they wear... U can see the execution and know where they are coming from....:( Mumbai yoga scene, so despairing...
Any case,  today, when I loudly announced. "Today's behenji Title goes to ..." the person who was doing the pose badly, actually turned to look at me!! Which just goes to show ..... :)

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