Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Today in class ...

I had a sudden moment of inspiration, to start this section because we have lots of funny moments (where I am holding a class, I guess:) and one particular comic moment happened like this... I was giving instruction for pranayama, kapalabhati start-up, where u say Inhale and Exhale in that lengthy, stretched fashion..
I started to say Inhaaaaaale and suddenly, a student (a Sivananda instructor), says Exhaaaale as a follow-up! It was Murthy Chinnathambi -- He forgot he was practising and instead started giving instructions .. his expression when he heard his own voice ring out that way... surprise and mortification --  I doubled up soo much that I found it difficult to continue further for a while!

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Shweta said...

I remember that one !! Hilarious !