Friday, January 28, 2011

Today in class

Today in class Rujuta Diwekar (Anikita, you reading this?:) yes, she of the Kareena Kapoor-zero size fame, did an amazing thing which also got the class into splits! She has got her basic crow and when trying to hold on to it for long, she sort of topples. But the amazing thing about this toppling is that instead of falling down on her face, she will stand straight up, knees apart into the prasarita padottanasana(Wide-angled forward bend). She does it everytime!! Amazing.. I have now decided to create a new vinyasa (flow yoga series) with this in mind: from kakasana to prasarita padottanasana to crow and back! What say? Will call it the Rujuta vinyasa:)

(That tiny thing, next to Kareena, is Rujuta. at the launch)

Oh, u guys have read her latest book? Women and the weight loss tamasha, launched by Kareena Kapoor recently. Published by Westland, who also published my second book Yoga in the Workplace.  Her first book is a roaring success. And I am now starting on her second book. Will blog on it, soon:)

Oh btw my second book is now available as a E-book with Nook:) Nice na?

Btw Rujuta is also a certified Sivananda instructor, so she comes for an occasional practice session with me. Due to her schedule, she cannot make it regularly  but despite these faps she will never falter from doing what the rest of the group is doing. That is a matter of wonder to me.. she will keep pace with the number of surya namaskars, move with  the pace with the rest of the group (fast or slow) and hold on as long the rest of the team is holding.  She is even ready to move into the scorpion, from the headstand. I remember she lifted the face up in her first attempt itself -- rather a difficult thing to do, requiring a lot of courage.  U need a lot of guts to do that -- Mansi also did it, first attempt... As did Amitabh...


Anonymous said...

Hi Shameem,
yes I am reading it :) I read ur blog everyday as Rujuta has probably told you. Its inspiring:)
Keep blogging...


Anila said...

I've read Rujuta's first book and it was a really good one. To the point and had some good suggestions.All the best to her for the second book :-)

Geeta said...

Great to see 2 women who are really taking efforts to improve the health of the society and in a wonderful way, together! Kudos to both of you!