Friday, January 28, 2011

Wind bags! Hey, actually yoga for flatulence or GAS!

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I don't feel middle-aged. Nor do I suffer from the misplaced vanity of prancing about as a  faux gamin (it means, I also just found out, something similar to our derogatory  behenji who wears young clothes to hide an old paunch, plumps her lips with botox for a pout she did  not have even in her youth or something insulting like that!). I like the term boho chic as a slot for myself because it is sort of ageless, hippie, yogi and rest of that I-don't care-attitude which is often even genderless.. But heavens, somebody will have to harp on my age, and then my gender to,  and always indirectly... How do u know the men are referring to your age, directly or indirectly? When they talk to you, instead of simpering, they will do the following... Esp men, be it students or bleary or paunchy men with ear-studs trying to hit on me.. They do this by discussing their life's all-consuming problem: no, not impotence...
Guess, guess, guess ... it is GAS!!

I don't remember the number of times this has happened, esp if they find out I am an yoga instructor. If they meet a dentist at a party, it is like discussing halitosis. A doctor, then constipation. A musician, then your snoring maybe.. And for an yoga instructor, the all-passionate topic must be GAS!!!

Any case, this is not to dismiss the importance or the all-pervasiveness of the problem:) They had a fart tax for cattle you know that, in America? Imagine if Indians got taxed that way, ha ha...

Any case, the point is, it is ok, as long as u don't do it in public, including talking about it (esp to a yoga instructor!). Apparently 600 ml of gas daily is normal, and everybody including the most handsome Mr Super Hunk  or Miss Calender girl,  has to release it daily, unless he/she wants to suffer from some serious halitosis:)

The thing is, in yoga, u can avoid or deflate the flatus, quite a bit:
  • Not to talk while eating.
  • To eat calmly, chewing your food thoroughly.
  • Hydrating well, lots of liquids. Right liquids. The bad ones (carbonated) can make u even more flatulent.
  • Eating probiotic food, like good curd (the bad bacteria is what gives the rotten egg smell)
  • If eating the gassy food (like cabbage) to use the right spices with it, to deflate the sulfur-effect.
  • Not over-eating.
  • Not eating late dinner.
  • Not being constipated (meaning, you eat fiber-rich food, be active physically, and mentally relaxed) because constipation can cause that nose-killing odor.
Pose  in yoga for flatulence: appropriately named the lying wind-release pose -- supta pawan muktasana!! And also vajrasana helps tremendously with the problem. U will find these on the net easily...

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Anila said...

ha ha ha :-) I have seen(or rather heard) the effects of gas in many of the yoga classes that i attended :-). Luckily it was never me :-)