Monday, January 24, 2011

Yesterday's answer, today's query

Answer: Actually the cat stretch: it is safe, easy to negotiate and has least contraindications. The only contraindiction is for those with epilepsy, severe cases.

More, to explain why this answer:
Headstand: contraindicated in neck problems, and in severe retinal detachment of the eye
Shoulderstand: saftest of the other three. But an extremely steep/sharp and well-executed shoulderstand can aggravate hyperthyroidism due to the pressure on the neck
Forward bend: contraindicated in extreme lower back pain, but may be taught in a modified fashion or in a phased manner only as the condition resolves.

 Why exhalation is most difficult part of the pranayama sequences? I am talking of controlled exhalation as in the alternate nostril breathing? I will give u a tip: it develops a certain characteristic in you. I will go further and give you the three basic characteristics of the pranayama inhale-retain-exhale. I am not giving u any order ... u have to select one of these as relevant to exhalation... it is either stimulating, or creates objectivity or expands/digests what you create in your sadhana or practice. U may think this is all psychic gobbledegook, but up to you. I myself can see the difficulties each student has in any of these steps depending on their personality etc...

Answer tomorrow as usual...


agent green glass said...

i've often thought about this. specially since i find exhalation the toughest in pranayama. controlled, easy exhalation. and i think it has something with greed. we're taught to suck in air. so much importance to taking in.
exhalation, according to me, is about giving. not being greedy. waiting your turn. patience. maybe that's why its so tough.

Anila said...

all greek and latin :-( Now, I really wish I had a teacher who would explain so much to me!I'm in that part of the world where all of yoga is 'corporate'- you have yoga studios and boutiques and all that 'hi-fi' stuff, but no REAL gurus! :-(

Shameem Akthar said...

U are so cute Agent GG... will give the answer to that one, but it (your greed) is not so bad as u think:) I mean exhalation is tough because it is connected to a difficult trait we are not trained to have in us... Anila, dear, here also nobody knows and it is not even corporate (meaning, worse than organised-- is a chaotic yoga scene here). I recall the first time I trained, the trainer's daughter, ostensibly a doctor, would be clueless and get wild with me for knowing these factoids about yoga. I know simply because I am freaked out about yoga and for me this is the one field that learning is empowering... and leading me somewhere I want to go... more greek and latin for u... answer this evening, for sure:)