Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Daily Health Gyan: Lemon water

Since my blood pressure is naturally low (meditation lowers blood pressure) while doing vipassana course I would be mildly concerned if it will dip further, because in the second course and future ones, there is only a glass of lemon water for dinner (even that some `meditators' who are not entitled to it, being beginners and allowed to snack on kurmur and tea, will consume:) ..
I know that the blood pressure used to go really low...the lemon water was meant, then, not for people like me..
Plus,  everytime I did vipassana it was always during my PMS when my blood pressure dips even lower! When that happens my tongue will slur and I have that sense of the earth rushing up to meet me..Falling off the cliff:)  That happens every few days every month now too. It would be difficult those days to continue walking up and down in a class, but I doubt my students ever catch on to that!! So, yes, lemon water was an avoidable luxury in the vipassana's desperate evenings for somebody like me..

The point of this blog, apart from boasting about how strong I am that I can suppress symptoms of fainting and rest of the PMS pains during a class, is that lemon water is good to lower your blood pressure if you have very high BP... It is also used by lot of people to detox naturally ... and drop some fat...

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