Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yogic tip: lemon water, salt water

Sometime earlier I'd blogged on taking salt water early mornings before consuming anything for natural daily detox. I also warned that it would not work for some one with high blood pressure.Those having high BP can try the alternative, a few drops of lemon squeezed into the water for immediate relief..

Salt water: for those with normal blood pressure
Lemon water: for those with very high blood pressure

However, if u are on medication, such rituals must be watched over... because medication can lower ur blood pressure u may actually do harm if the BP has swung down. I see the same rule applies for diabetics...

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Anila said...

Hi Shameem,
I actually started following it- and it has really made a difference..I am someone with a very very finicky stomach :-) But it has brought me a good amount of relief.Thanks to you! I am lucky to have no high BP -so am taking the salt water route!