Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In my class, yesterday:)

Yesterday, Claudia's last class for a month .. Jit and Rima did a walk-in, so the class was full.  I initially wanted to do a meditative class... but hey, that is tough when u decide to work on some poses, esp challengers like the scorpion. So that thought fell by the way, as the class went along. one of the things, that I am beginning to find as a change within me(for the better ) is also my flexibility to change along the way, as I do something. Imagine if I rigidly decided only a meditative class will work, then  students won't have tried the scorpion:  that evening even Claudia and Nathalie tried it and got it right!  So, yes, the flexibility to change along, from a rigid determination, to move with the demands of the moment: I like that as part of those patterns I have shattered within myself:) So, though the class was not meditative but had super energy. Nathalie and Claudia in fact, independently felt that it was so and shared that with me later,  so yes, I like that we can do any type of focused yoga and reach that zone. Nathalie has great focus. Her leg lifts have tremendouly improved. Her back is strong and upright during pranayama practice, from earlier when it would be curved. She also got  the scorpion at first attempt, even drawing her head back into the headstand before sliding out of it which is quite a feat, the vinyasa or flow of that, being hard to co-ordinate at first attempt!

Jit got the scorpion, hanging there for a long while. Rima is getting the scorpion too...  Jit in fact even managed the plough, which had been troubling him for a while. So, all in all, a great evening for all concerned, esp for the teacher:)

Simrat was back after a long gap, but as usual, she can spin into any pose she choses. Apparently, her father does yoga, and she must have watched him do it as a child, which explains how she had got the headstand in third attempt. She also holds it light, the way I like a headstand to be held. That is the reason I never mind (as with Amitabh) when she takes long gaps or holidays between practices (she has a small child, so that too:) But when she comes in the class she can do any pose on first attempt: the wheel variations (that is like so wow), the headstand I already told u, the titali in headstand, the side crow... u name it! That is why I never bother her if she takes off,  unlike others whose faltering practice is equally matched by a faltering attendance!! Simrat must have been a yogi in her last birth, so I don't worry about her much. She already has all that!!

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