Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yogic tip for the day

U must love the surya namaskar, as u execute it, to enter other, including advanced poses,  with comfort and flexibility. Each pose in the sun salute helps u with the classic poses by inviting strength, flexibility and ability to take on an inversion. Below some poses that become easier through the sun salute

Standing forward bend: This pose, which comes twice in the sun salute, will move u deeper into the seated forward bend if u do it right.
Standing forward bend, and inverted V: Both help with inversions by making u prepared for the downward gush of blood and sense of slight disorientation that comes in an inversion.
Inverted V, Push up: Help with arm balancers by strengthening the shoulders.
Crescent (on the floor and standing which also come twice): Help with backbends and splits (for the latter u need hip flexibility).

The entire sequence warms up the body and gets u more prepared for pranayama practice. Retention becomes easier through the sun salute.

Being indifferent or doing the sun salute in a bored fashion (damn thing is I have a sensor in my entire body to catch the signs of a bored student!) will affect your stamina and ability in other poses!

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Anila said...

Cant think of a better wake-up sequence than the surya namaskar..Provides you with the energy for the rest of the day..