Monday, February 21, 2011

Jumping back: how to fall in the scorpion

This `trick' was what I did, naturally since I fell so often when I tried to learn the scorpion, as usual, on my own.

The first time I did it, I was on my head, and an  assistant, now married to Natraj, told me to slip into it. She said I could do it. So I just trusted her and lifted my head up. My whole body wobbled as if with ague, due to the muscular demand of a scorpion. I could not believe I could do it. After that, it has always been falls, falls, falls and constantly trying to do it on my own. Using a wall, cracking my neck, and everything else in between... That has been good. I started on it almost when I was 40 ... so, u understand why I am so confident that this pose is not unachievable. Plus, those learnign from me have the advantage that I have made all the mistakes they are likely to make:)

Last time when at the ashram for assisting, Prahlada made all of us jump. And fall! Of course, for me, that was a cakewalk. However, it is one thing to fall from a scorpion and another to initiate a fall... but it is a good way to get over the fear...

Here the video shows how u may fall /jump into the scorpion.

The problem with the jump version is that u fall more than u hold the pose.. nine falls for one hold, initially.

The trick I realise is that if you jump up, immediately go into the pincha mayurasana, then drop the legs. This gives better control.

Keep focus on hands and feet, keep back off ground... the main thing is not to fall on your back. As u can see if the feet-hands are engaged, then your back automatically lifts off the floor.

Happy sadhana!

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