Monday, February 21, 2011

Yesterday's answer, today's query

ANSWER: The three classical meditation poses, ideal for both meditation or for pranayama, are vajrasana, siddhasana, and padmasana. Though sukhasana is allowed, more as a concession to modern times of inflexible bodies, it is not the best since the body can slump mid-way through the practice.

All the classical seated poses need a lot of practice.  I believe somewhere, they may even indicate a readiness for higher yoga, so if u are not doing these, u want to work towards them.
Reason these work more powerfully than others is because the leg lock is complete, blocking flow of blood to the legs and directing it upwards to the brain, and the second brain (stomach)...

QUERY: In which of the above three classical seated postures will u find all the three locks (neck, stomach and pelvic lock) most difficult to hold?? For this, u must have practiced all three with the locks to answer....

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