Friday, February 04, 2011

Today in class: meditative class is the flavor of the season:)

Today again I did a meditative class in the morning. But this batch -- my mon-wed-fri morning  batch is naturally meditative(thank the lord:), so that was no big effort for me. However, I could carry that forward to the other batches also , succeeding to pull it off more completely with the evening batch, which today had Jit and Rima doing walk-ins. Jit managed to crack the halasana finally and held it for 15 seconds. Rima's headstand is getting to be light and graceful these days. It is awesome, her duration in it extending naturally:)  And Anuya, had till now  been mostly practising alone, or with others who have not been able to match her progress in yoga. So today, finally, she had a great group to do it with, Murthy, making up the fourth student is also a  calm person(except when he falls frin the headstand. But even then, he falls very gently, almost having made it an art form:), being a Sivananda TTC graduate:) Today his headstand was very good and he managed a light landing:)

And yes, it was awesome to do a meditative class. I love it, when I can do that... so if you students of mine are reading it, out there, u want to be mentally prepared that these days I am going to be more oriented to that flow of the mind, centered in each pose, calm, extending itself naturally through the body:)


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