Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Yesterday's answer, today's query

ANSWER: Most who tried it got it right. But the reasoning was -- for some --  all wrong. Won't mention names. It is great that u should try. So don't want to intimidate u:) Or put you off answering with my scathing tongue.
The answer is Bhramari -- humming bee. All three pranayamas are heating. But only Bhramari is calming, centering and healing. The other two are stimulating, heating. More heating. Bhastrika can cause burn-out in those suffering from nervous tensions. It also wracks the body more, and hikes blood pressure up. The same true for kapalabhati, though in a milder form. It can also overstimulate an hyperactive mind. Both can also affect sleep. Bhramari is the opposite, invites sleep.


What is missing in the surya namaskar? It is a complete package, but one type of move is missing. This is very simple, and just needs u to think a bit:)
a) An inversion (blood in head, upside down head move)
b) Twist (body twisting to right-left sides for transverse traction)
c) Forward bend (like the seated forward bend, head to thigh move)

Waiting, waiting, waiting, for all you Sherlock Holmes out there to crack this one:)


Anonymous said...


The Surya Namasker is missing an inversion and a twist.It has the forward bend (Standing forward bend).


evnathan said...

Sideways bend like trikonasan

Rajkumar said...

Simple question : Twisting is missing in surya namaskar. But tell me mam whether people mild BP can do this or not ?

Anila said...

Twist. The surya namaskar misses a twist :-) Elementary,Watson :-)

Anonymous said...

Twist is missing