Friday, March 25, 2011

Daily health gyan

Thyme (u get that as dried herbs in the grocery stores and shops like Nature's basket) is said to restore taste back to tongue.U also get it in good veg markets, as at Pali, or off Khar station.  As a kid, if I was overwhelmed by some `life's great problem', my tongue would lose taste. It is as if the body sort of shrinks into itself, preparing you to give up, if you are too sad. Have u felt that, ever?? That sinking feeling that drags u down... Then, other things fall apart, then u feel sick. Or u fall  sick, then lose the sense of taste... Life feels so tasteless, damnit, is what the body is saying, of what ur mind is feeling.. Kick that out, with some thyme -- in your soups or just herbal tea:) Take care. We can talk back to ourselves. At least that much we deserve!

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