Friday, March 25, 2011

Full pot is silent. Half pot, makes sounds, splashes about...

(Image of Goddess Bagalamukhi, cutting off the tongue of the Madan, so that his silence will gift him with the maha vidya)
These days the best classes are the ones -- by which I mean those that  leave me satisfied, are the ones where I am required to speak less.  I feel less tired. I want to be done with useless levity too, in my classes I used to think it helps  nervous students from getting too frightened from trying new poses. But the damned thing is, that some students are so relaxed that they don't learn anything or progress from where they started!! 

Gorakh, whom I am obsessing about a lot, says, be like a full pot. A full pot is silent. The half empty one, sounds, splashes,Gorakh warns.

Be careful with your words. Don't speak too much. Don't talk of the sweet nectar too(nectar he is referring to is your state of oneness, your personal yoga experiences).

Words are our thoughts, crystalised. They hang around u like halo or a miasma, even after they have left ur tongue, for long. How you behave also becomes words, in a manner of speaking, since it reflects  who u are.

This is the tale of yogic goddess Bagalamukhi. It is said that a demon named Madan achieved vak siddhi, ability to actualize what he pronounced. As happens in such cases, instead of putting this yogic prowess to good use, he started abusing it by cursing people and causing unbelievable destruction and damage. When frightened people appealed to her, the goddess Bagalamukhi stunned him with her cudgel and pulled out his tongue, so his words were silenced.

This story is actually a metaphor for what yogic dharana can do: stun our mental rampage and shut up our vrittis, so the asuric and destructive judgments of our mind can be stopped once and for all.

From a modern yogi whom I admire a lot,  Dr David Frawley:
 in his book Vedantic Meditation, published by Full Circle, he writes aptly: “Attention is like the muscle that must be developed by degrees. ..Unfortunately we are conditioned to carelessly give our attention away. This is most of what we call entertainment, in which we give our awareness to another person or to some medium. .. Whatever we lose our attention to cannot raise us up in life but only makes us more asleep to truth.” 

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