Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ekapadabakasana: one legged crow

Heavens, I don't know if this is the one-legged crow or peacock. Seems like some easy variation of my own which hangs between the two! Any case, I am cheating wildly:) The palms' position, as u can see, is both forwards and backwards. I prefer that. Plus I always place my elbow on my rib cage instead of the stomach (where its impact will be much more but with a soft belly despite the four-pack, this is what I can manage:)  I have started on this version, with all my `cheating' innovations and some women have already got -- Simrat, on first attempt. As also Claudia, Nathalie and Sonia. In fact, Simrat just swam into it without the confusion of others as to where to place hands etc... It is amazing, that. I recall Petros used to see her and be intimidated by how fast she was learning the poses and say, "It is genetic"! Meaning, all Indians did it the way she did! I wish!!

When I started on it, my head is to be far lower, plus the back leg also. It was only when I took a photo of myself I realised that the knee was bending limply! And so lifting and straigthening the leg (which comes from the upper back and arms) finally pushed me higher. But I see that it can keep going up higher and higher as ur arm strength grows steadily.

Preparation: Peacock and the crow poses.

Difficulty: U can crash on your face if you don't get all the details in, before lifting up.

Co-ordination required: for straigthening the back leg out, plus the right placement of the thigh (folded leg) on upper arm, plus the elbow-stomach contact which holds the body up.

Wobble factor: High, till you suddenly lift up higher. Once u reach higher it becomes progressively steadier which explains my belief, that great muscles make the body light...

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