Thursday, March 10, 2011

In my class

Otto has joined us today. He is from Italy. He has done Sivananda teacher's training at Uttarkashi. I am glad to have him there, because like Rujuta, (also Sivananda TTC graduate and now my student:) his poses are very neatly executed. His locust is deep and high (like Jit's used to be before his `brute' came back to sit on his shoulder:( I like particularly the way Otto dips into the third pose in the sun salute. I am going see that the rest of my students get it just that way: hips out, hands extended in front, before they sweep to the floor.

Claudia is back (for a short while) and it is good to have her back. She also got ekapada bakasana on first attempt (damn, I wish I learnt such things in my own yoga class:) though does not think it looks very elegant! MMm, I was thinking it looks cute!
Simrat also tried the scorpion for the first time. And did she get it? You bet!

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