Friday, March 04, 2011

In class today

Mmm, maybe I should not praise my students here... Just the day after I said Murthy stood on his head for three minutes, he flopped down on his back! Same thing with Jit... the brute is back in his neck/shoulder and not allowing him his halasana.... And damn it all, even Sarah fell from her headstand!! Hope Amitabh does not stop doing halasana at the end of it all!! What say, should I mention or not? May be I start writing the `bad' stuff?? Like one time someone told me, Hey, Shameem, Don't mention me in your blog.. I told her, I only mention students who are exceptional and u don't qualify:) Lol. She has since disappeared, but I know she reads my blog.. So V, u do get mentioned this way.. :)

Any case, today, more than ever I am beginning to get the feel the class conducts itself, through some energy of the Sivananda tradition and something flows... nicely flows:) Every class today felt that way... and yes, the final Om begins to sound right when I feel that way throughout the class, of a free-flowing energy moving thru:) At the evening class in fact, we had four new comers (one might be walk-in, she is still deciding), but Anuya and Murthy gamely did the entire practice on their own, like pros. I was touched at how cooperative both were, seeing that this new bunch was new to yoga so I had to be fully occupied with them. They are wonderful people.. Anuya and Murthy -- and just managed the show themselves.. really really sweet!! THAT is yoga.. that attitude, more than the poses:)

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