Friday, March 04, 2011

Daily Health Gyan : Kashmiri Kava tea

Pro Yo has a version of Kashmiri Kava tea -- since I like to experiment I tried it for a lark (Imagine a large Strawberry tub with rice crispy-walnut topping and this!).  I do not know if this is the orginal taste (it came from a machine, hence my inhibition) and did not have the taste of safran or almond or spices (which it otherwise has, so the net tells me:). But it tasted like WoW... Like coffee, dark and hard-hitting, great caffeine high almost lie Doppio Espresso. And it is said to be a green tea!
Anyways, Kava tea has almost mythical healing properties, my web search reveals: pain killer, removes uro-genital issues, is both tranquilizer and stimulant... removes inflammation and relieves muscle tension... Rs 50 bucks for a cup.. seems worth. Maybe I should brew it at home, in its original version.. soon will blog on that too:) Then I should start a Food blog!!

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lakshmi said...

Please do start a blog on yofic foods