Friday, March 04, 2011

Yesterday's answer, today's query

ANSWER: Yes, Sonia, u r right. All ... Salt clams the blood flow (read today's article in all papers, on which will blog tomorrow); sugar steals 44 nutrients from body's limited reserves for its metabolism; oil  in excess of two tablespoons per person  is ruinous; spices (since the body heat goes up humungously) should be avoided; media exposure, too, because we are all what we see, hear and read. When u meditate u will find the mind going back and forth over things that gripped it.. and media grips it, or what?!!

QUESTION:  What impact does Moolabandha, the pelvic lock also used in modern medicine as Kegel's exercise, have on your emotions, pyschology? Suggestions below
a) Helps control impulses b) Strenghtens will power c) Develops focus

Hey, I cannot make it easier than this... the thing is I read a report today about urination control and impulse control and marvelled at how what science discovers today, our yogis knew of,  centuries ago.


sonia said...

Mam again I guess will hav to be all 3,cos it is the most difficult lock to hold n does require Immense amount of concentration

lakshmi said...

develop focus would be my option. As this banda is supposed to strengthen your pelvic , which in turn redirects energies to other areas, otherwise this area consumes most of the energies