Wednesday, March 02, 2011

In my class..

Evening batch, the Monday-Wed-Fri one, is full now:) Young people, enthused. Hope their karma keeps them at yoga! Mayank's yoga karma seems good:) He held the halasana for over two-and-half minutes this morning. Simrat returned after a long gap last evening. But as usual just swims up into poses like she is born to it. Nathalie did the scorpion and I liked that she wanted to try it without any help from me... I recall when I taught the crow she was the first to get it right, and in that batch the headstand also she got right first attempt! Wonder to me, why I have not mentioned her at all before. Will get some pix of her doing her great yoga! She is returning to Belgium in April, so I am trying to cram as much yoga as she can possibly take back home!:)


Novelty Pens said...

Looking forward to seeing the pics!

Anila said...

How do these wizards get crow right the first time itself!! Gosh! I wish I had those genes! :-(