Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Today in class

Kanchana who started out with a knee issue (though I never quite believed it since she is not doing anything to create a condition that should invite an operation (that sort of aggravation happens only to people who mop the floor, run a lot, dance a lot and such activity.. and I felt as a housewife slightly on the `healthier' side she simply had no chance to get into that knee-operation zone -- btw knee operation is an expensive affair and ur guess is as good as mine why it is so common these days!) sits in padmasana for pranayama these days. That is wow! 
Nathalie tried the scorpion yesterday too, and got it right, despite being tired and having come to the evening class without having eaten anything strong for lunch! In the same class Simrat tried the ekapada bakasana and as usual, got it right on first attempt. I will start on scorpion on her this Thursday, and imagine she has done only a few months with me:) She also goes up into the headstand on her own, and got it on her own in just a few sessions!! She is in a real yoga zone, that woman! She is amongst the few who actually practices at home... I wish, I wish, I had more students like her!

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