Thursday, April 21, 2011

Headstand variation: Unsupported, hands out version

This is a rather intriguing headstand version. I have taught it to two people. Only Amitabh has got it right. Plus he does it mid-asana, gets into to the nirlamba sirsasana basic version and moves the hands ahead, as shown. Or he can also flick his hands midway.. on top I am showing the back of the hands, placed down, version. You can flick the hands mid-way to land the back of hands on the mat. So for a fraction of the second, u have no support and are hanging on your crown. Always an excruciatingly fearful moment, but gives an adrenaline high, makes you fearless of falling plus calls for intense focus. So, yes, Amitabh has got that pose neatly and that he can do it several times means it was not the fluke it is with some students:)

For this pose to happen, u have to perfect the unsupported headstand. U can do this mid-way after releasing your hands (even from the supported version, which is a bit complicated and can be messy if u are nervous) , or even start off with the hands stretched out in this fashion ahead, on the mat. This calls for the muscles in the upper back, and even your pectorals to work, to stay up steadily. It is a sweet pose, and somehow, maybe because the upper back is challenged so much, makes u calm when u hold on there with focus. I like it for a shorter hold on those days when I try only variations of the headstand... Needs practice, to develop confidence. But to call such a pose ur own, u need to hold it for a minute or more at least, steadily:)

(The palms down version)


Shweta said...

Unbelievable !!

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Shameem Akthar said...

Oh, not so tough if u can hold the basic headstand for three minutes, really:)