Thursday, April 21, 2011

In my class today: weight loss, kids and more...

Sanchita gave me a nice moment today when she revealed that she was able to get into a  jeans one size smaller:) That she has been around for less than one month and already steadily losing weight is great news. Sanchita's stamina has also improved. She can do sun salutes now smoothly and her poses are getting near perfect:) The thing is also that I know she relates to yoga the way I feel it... something special about that zone..

Lavanya, the 13-year-old kid's dwipada bhujapidasana is now strong and steady. She looks wide-eyed, soaking in everything I say, so I want to be saying the right things, to excite her about yoga:) I used to teach a bunch of very very small kids at Kandivli. It was a full-fledged, moral-spiritual-yoga class. I used to prepare little stories, yoga games and have a sequence of fun poses. I wanted them to feel yoga other than is what being projected in their schools (very boring, lecturing stuff!! Sigh... these type of yoga teachers ruin it for ever, the yoga message to kids)..Some kids were from my child's school then, and I remember my kid saying how the yoga teacher there, sent for free by a rather controversial yoga ashram which is in some deep trouble and which sends free booklets talking ill about other religions, used to talk and talk, about things like masturbation being evil and silly idiotic, unscientific stuff like that... instead of teaching them poses! So I wanted my yoga kids -- they were my earliest students, along with Mahindra factory workers -- to experience pure yoga which was spiritual, moral, and very focused and great fun and adventurous in every sphere.   I remember that last year, before I left Kandivli, for good, one of the girls -- now in her early teens -- from that batch came back to me for more yoga. I was happy ... because yes, yoga has the most to give little children...and I would want to give them that sort of yoga which creates a deep  craving for more yoga -- So, I have three kids in the class now.. unfortunately doing with adults -- which is not so good for them because kids have a different need... but they still are opening up to the great adventure of yoga:)

Next year, when I start my own center( I like to keep repeating my dreams aloud wherever I can even when they seem far-fetched, because that is how I get them eventually:), I will have separate sections for kids, with great fun, story-filled yoga games etc:) Yes!!!!!!


Geeta said...

Shameem, which asanas are good for kids? Please can you talk more on this? for weightloss? Are any asanas contradained for kids?

All the best for achieving your dream!May we see your centre very soon!


Anila said...


My 4 yr old daughter always comes and participates in her own way with me when I do my practice. Its a positive energy source to have her around , so I got her a small yoga mat and she does her own 'variations' :-) But I think its my way of passing her the joy that I have found with Yoga.


Calotren said...

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