Monday, April 25, 2011

In class

Saturday, only Amitabh was there in the early morning class. So \my husband Sai and I practised with him.. We did a simple, but strong practice of long holds in the basic poses, including headstand, holding most poses for two-minutes, which is the most soothing and satisfying way to practice if one-hour is all u have. Amitabh  again got the scorpion, without my support absolutely and held on for long, for almost over a minute!! And landed out of it, gently... which as combinations go, is quite amazing seeing he has just started on it. Amongst all those trying the scorpion in my current batches, including evening ones, he is the only one who has been consistent with it so far, and never having fumbled or lost what he has gained in the pose. With some others, they get it one day, and lose it badly the next day. I know why they do that too:) !!!  Any case, A is also the oldest amongst those who are trying it:) So, if anybody worries about yoga and stunts and age, u know what I think?!!

Sachi Mehta, 18,  in the 8.45 am batch,  is picking up beautifully. What she lacks in strength, she makes up with sheer determination. I saw how difficult it was for her to do the sun salute fast, (this is just her second week in the class) as I am wont to do, to check people's strength. Yet, though her legs were shaking with the effort, she marched on, without fumbling. That is the attitude that u can call yoga:) We all gave her a hand, spontaneously:) She is my daughter's age, so naturally brings out the mom in me:) I want her to understand yoga and love it, the way my own daughter does... My kid  learnt it more by transference, and association rather than any direct teaching from me. When mothers come to me they want me to `teach' their kids yoga. Actually I'd rather `enthuse' the kids to it. In the long-term, the latter is what works! And lasts and lasts... u must love yoga for u to be able to practice it all your life.That is what mothers must want... for their kids to love yoga... Not a set of poses that the kids hate to do!! Yoga teaching for kids in India is still very backward, in attitude, that way simply because that is how we have made our education system -- a bore!! Learning has become something that has to be done, rather than something that is naturally enjoyable... I believe firmly that kids are natural learners, they love learning, if u did not interfere with it too much with your meddling!

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Anila said...

well done Amitabh. And way to go Sachi!
You said you would post pics..we need to start associating a face with the names :-) Only if they dont mind ,of course.