Monday, April 25, 2011

Supta Konasana: Wide-angle plough variation

It is amongst the earliest poses I'd learnt, which also taught me that what we see as advanced poses are actually rather simple if the basic is learnt with the technique right. In fact, in this pose, the breath is easier than in the basic halasana because the separated legs allow more room at the chest to breathe. Somehow it is also soothing to hold.

It also keeps the knees well engaged. U become more aware if they dip, since otherwise ur legs will swing you out of the pose! U have to practically hold the pose with the back of your legs and thighs.

The hand position is not as I wish it to be, at the big toes -- but remember I had just 10 seconds to set the camera in auto mode:) Otherwise, the wider the legs and more firmly the leg-hand position, the sweeter this pose feels.

Really one of the easiest halasana variation there is!

How to reach there:
  • Doing the wide legged boat called Merudandasana will develop leg strengtht and balance (somewhat required even if u are on your backside!)
  • Doing standing splits and preparation for Hanuman, for wider separation of the legs.
Then, to learn to breathe easy in this pose:)

Happy sadhana!

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