Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In class: kidz show!

Summer is on, and class strength is on and off:) Lavanya seems rather enthused with yoga and wants to come every day till she goes off, out of town. I was glad to hear that. My tone with her is firm. Sometimes I wonder, if her mother cringes. But the kid does not mind that since children are naturally instinctive and understand that I am doing that to further boost her growth on the mat, which she herself wants. Sachi is also responding similarly:) Today Lavanya's headstand was more firm, and less coltish:) She is a growing child so her limbs are gangly, all over the place. But she understands the need to co-ordinate and is doing well. I explained to her why co-ordination in the shoulderstand will help her grasp the headstand better.. Children pick up such things so fast.. Sachi's headstand is still what I call `the falling apart' version -- legs go out this way and that way, and there is a lot of excitement in the mind that makes the body quiver!! But I hope to be able to get her into that pose with Swamiji's grace and blessing. Sometimes, when I inadvertently say to some student, "I will get u into that pose, don't worry!" I immediately cringe. As far as I am concerned, it is not I, but entirely Swamiji's grace which gets them into the difficult poses. I feel that if u align with that, even as a student, u learn the difficult poses fast...
Sachi did a full bhujangasana today -- she had already been doing it, so I don't take any credit for teaching her something she could do.  She is relaxed doing flexibility poses, but I want her to think strenght. She is here in India for a little longer, and hopefully yoga for strength also becomes part of her body soon:)

Amitabh was with the later class today and shined as usual. After the scorpion, he went into the headstand and stayed there steadily till I finished helping the other four into the headstand. Must have been up for over three minutes. In a way it is good to have him in that batch, because the kids are mighthy impressed with him, and want to emulate him:)

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