Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Yesterday's query, today's answer

ANSWER: It is water.

FOR KIDS -- THIS CHAKRA, of sensuality. Teaching them surya namaskar in early childhood is said to delay puberty. This is a good thing for kids because it means their mental faculties match their physical development. When puberty comes on early, as has been happening with the last few generation due to improved living conditions and smaller families, it creates an imbalance between two different developing parts of the child -- the mind and the body. In fact, in boys, the mental develop (the neurological bit of it) develops even later than for girls. This may explain why many of youth can get into serious trouble -- their body is that of a man's but the mind is still that of a child. This creates a lack of impulse control. So sun salute is said to create a harmonising way for mind-body development by delaying onset of puberty...

QUESTION: Why should prepubescent children not hold difficult poses for too long as an adult should (they can hold balancing poses that way, for developing stability) ?

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