Sunday, April 10, 2011

In my class

Amitabh did a walk-in this Saturday, without being warned it was a `ladies' only class, with women from all age groups -- from 14 to whatever age:)!!! He gamely sweated it out, even `modelling' for surya namaskar so the new comers could learn it, watching him. He is really so chilled out As I keep writing here, he can do yoga anywhere, including before a bunch of admiring, new comers, comprising only women!:) He also demoed the scorpion ( drawing predicatable gasps) and the unsupported headstand, new variation with the palms down:) Cho sweet na?
Jit also gamely allowed a reduced ratio in nadi shodhana, to accomodate newcomer Vinay. This is a point I like to emphasise. As a matter of rule I always take newcomers in that Tue-Thurs-Sat batch because both he and Amitabh are very accomodating of the different levels of performance from the newcomers, on the mat. They include newcomers gamely, agreeing to whatever ratio of nadi shodhana or pace of surya namaskar I may chose to use in order to acclimitise the newcomers to my pace. And they never allow this to affect their own growth on the mat or feel discomfited that I keep doing it so often... It is a marvellous quality and difficult to explain really; you will understand that only if you are a teacher... But I can only say that attitude really supports my that...

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