Sunday, April 10, 2011

Headstand variations

This I  learnt from Prahlada, at ATTC, when I did my teacher's training. We repeated this once more last year when I went to assist him. He also put me in other variations, the double leg dynamic leg raise headstand.. it still gives me some trouble simply because I don't practice it often enough. I realise in that u need to raise the legs with your face muscles!!!

Each variation needs different muscle groups -- not just to lift off, but also stay in position and even to come down. Each part of this can involve difficult and different learning process.. and take a while. Amitabh did the hand variations, palm out in front, and flipping them flat in a dynamic fashion first time I put him through it. It must have been disorienting. But he did it without fumbling. Now he is moving into the headstand with the palm down variation. And steadying in it marvellously. One group has moved into the nirlamba sirsasana, which is the first stage for these variations. That is because the neck must learn to take the brunt of your weight in these variations.

More on these later...

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