Thursday, April 07, 2011

Today in class, rowdies again:)

Today, the (Tue-Thurs-Sat) class seemed to be back in form, after a long while. It felt good.It also meant back to some rowdyism! That is my rowdiest class, in all my years as a teacher -- there is Jit becoming a rather good-natured/ willing brunt of most of the jokes in the class;  if Amitabh is in form, he is passing his own two-bit add-ons to that, so that there is a lot of laughter happening. A `has -- laugh -- yoga' class, more like it. . :)
I don't think a meditative temper works here, but what the heck! If it brings out the better in them, and if that means the focus can be maintained despite all the jokes and ribbing, I think I am going to go with that flow and not insist on a rigid format of grimness! Each group has a different energy, and if that energy is not dissipating but contributing towards growth on the mat, I am going to be flexible about that . In a way, for a teacher, this is a difficult choice -- because most teachers are fearful that a  group can get out of hand: and stampede the teacher!! :) Mmmm, I am not in that sad zone!! My evening Mon-Wed-Fri batch for instance is full of bachus, little babies, all girls, so that has to be a  different sort of a class and attitude  there:) 

Finally, one of my students is managing the scorpion on his own. Amitabh repeated the scorpion and held on well. So, his first one, this Tuesday, was not a fluke. This means now the scorpion pose is his!! Yippee. He is also doing the nirlamba sirsasana (unsupported headstand) with the hands out in front, palms down  variation -- a rather wobbly, difficult pose, but he has been doing it the last few times rather well. His plough is also being maintained, thank the lord:) And Jit managed to hit the forehead to his thigh in the Janu sirsasana (one-legged, seated forward bend) so yes, it was fantastic progress.. Amrita's sun salute is also improving and she has  tightened up her practice. All impressing newcomer Vinay -- he must be youngest male I will be teaching since the last two years (the first Nalanda batch had Rajiv who has disappeared, after that particular batch got over. Then, I recall  Miss World Yukta Mookhey's brother too, my private student, who had picked the poses, including the headstand, all in first attempt:) And Vinay did the halasana on first day, so I have hopes of vaulting him into some great poses:)

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