Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Daily Health Gyan: liposuction?

Like these days celebs have a `bad collagen' day, when the injected collagen shifts around the face. Can u imagine the horror of that. Plus that amazingly silly thing called botox... where the tissue is killed so that it does not fold to give u the expression that makes u unique.
Any case, similar depressing stuff has been found about liposuction -- it has been found that those who do liposuction in the stomach (that hell site for all humanity yearning towards perfection) actually end up gaining weight elsewhere.This because the body likes its fat cells and if removed it from one site it will just find another site, where it is not disturbed, to generate more. So those who did stomach lipo found that they bulked up elsewhere, at the arms, or waist or hips... Heavens, the bad liposuction day is also here!!

Don't do all that ... Just do yoga!!

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