Thursday, May 12, 2011

In class

Abhishek is back, looking in form and fit (touchwood:) And did a rocking class, even getting the headstand despite his resistance to falling over... What is a headstand without a fall. He has lost lots of weight, so his dimples are showing more prominently:) Anupa also messaged me the happy news that she has lost lots of weight, an inch all around!! And Lavanya, the kid, is doing the basic crow after a marvellous first attempt.. and even kicked up into the headstand, though slanting to the side!! Pallavi has also got the headstand, though the ability to stay up is taking time. Best of, though she fell down with a thud (a heartbreaking moment for any instructor, though you have to bite your teeth and pretend it is ok!!) she bravely went back to the practice. Jit is back from Leh, with a nice energy. Evening class, Anuya also returned, sparkling with yoga:) A new student in the expat batch -- with Aviriana -- who also gamely attempted the headstand... Not a bad season for a yoga teacher:)

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