Monday, May 23, 2011

In class

Absenteeism is still strong.. You would summer hols is for the kids:) Any case, the weather has been odd, and I can understand how tough it would be to prod yourself up for a yoga class. Or not wish to run away somewhere where it is cooler than in humid Mumbai which is preparing for monsoons with a drying, insipid heat that feels strange and makes you lethargic:)

Last two weeks have been managing with just an hour or two of sleep every night. Last night also hardly slept. But managed to finish the sadhana before the class with a good half hour to spare:) So, yes, when I do that I feel on top of the world... that is a high, undefinable, but hangs on like a fragrance around u for the rest of the day:)

Abhishek and Sharmishtha's headstand has passed the uncertain stage. Today in fact Abhishek acutally managed to hold the headstand for around 45 seconds.. LOVELY!!!! Plus, he has cleaned up the one mistake which was bringing down uncontrollably from the crow... So now two of the most inspiring poses in yoga are his... usually when that happens you become permanently hooked to a regular yoga practice:)

Am trying to fix the evening classes so that the batches get juxtaposed and I am having some evenings free. Have to do this, to work on my third book...:) Maybe for next six months I will do only one batch in the evening..

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