Monday, May 23, 2011

Joy mudra

Nathalie, who is now back in Belgium, she was very keen on mudras. In fact, she So I gave her a thin copy of a local mudra book. It was in bad English. But is the best on mudras till date.  So here is a mudra for joy, if you are depressed..
A bit complicated as u can, but as u all know by now, the finger gesture/mudras work by tweaking the homonculus map of our body parts in our brain. so, try it and let us know if u felt a spurt of joy:P)
Tip of thumb to tip of middle finger. Stack up the index finger over it. Then, allow the ring and little finger to hang out, as shown. seems there is a hike in the ether and air element in this mudra. However, if the depression was Vata-Air induced, I would not try this...!!

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