Saturday, May 14, 2011

Marvels of yoga nidra:more than sleep, more than rest

Though I have read about yoga nidra before, when rereading about it's marvels I still get goose bumps!
Some exciting stuff about this practice that explains it's powerful impact.

1. Sense organs which constantly reach out and etrovert your attention begin to involute in nidra, starting with the sense of smell, then taste, visual distraction, then touch and lastly hearing stops. We are talking of the distraction of the senses as the begin to engage more inward.
2 Yoga nidra can induce an evolutionary shift in perception, where u muscle up your witnessing self. In biological language this is higher cortex, the latest entrant in the nervous system, and whose pronounced development marks out man from other animals. With yoga nidra this distinction becomes even more refined ... Between man and the animal still lurking inside him.
3. With yoga nidra practice your awareness of dreams while u sleep can become effective. Most people don't remember their dreams. Even those who remember them later actually know that only on waking up. But an effective meditator can change dreams as they happen.Click to get cool Animations for your MySpace profile
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Anonymous said...

Dear Mam,

How do i get initiated in Yoga Nidra?